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The Commission

Sergei Pavlovich Zalygin

Translated by David Gordon Wilson

"Zalygin has best expressed his love and concern for Russia in his remarkable Siberian novels. Now one of his most significant and most lyrical works is available in David Gordon Wilson's finely crafted English translation. To read The Commission is to see the storms of revolution and civil war break over the Siberian forest village of Lebyazhka. This novel will remain an important part of Russia's cultural heritage."—Kathleen Parthé, author of Russian Village Prose

(1993) 382 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-558-0
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Table of Contents

A Note on the Translation
List of Characters
1 The Founding Session
2 The Pankratovs, Husband and Wife
3 The Kupriyanov Wood Thieves, Father and Son
4 School Day
5 Nikolai Ustinov's Speech
6 The Visit of Grishka Sukhikh
7 This and That and the Other
8 Rodion Gavrilovich Smirnovsky
9 Personal Property
10 Kudeyar
11 Polovinkin Has Left
12 Circles and Lines
13 The Teeth of the Harrow
14 The Woman Question
15 The Tale of the Maiden Natalya and Syoma the Bumblebee
16 The Big Bear

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-558-0
paper $18.50