Northern Illinois University Press

The Blue Kind

Kathryn  Born

Midwest Book Award in the Fiction: Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal category

“Kathryn Born’s The Blue Kind is the compelling tale of one woman’s battle with addiction in a future where women mean less than the drugs their men peddle. The protagonist, Alison, is a thoughtful narrator, full of personal flaws as well as insight. This well-wrought novel explicitly undertakes the discussion of the role of women in society through the lens of a dystopian future. There really is nothing quite like it.”—Terri Griffith

In Neom the laws of physics are lax and everyone still gets high. The city squares do it so they can keep working nonstop. The hipsters do it so they can accept things as they are and not long for how they want them to be. And, for a thousand years, Alison has done it to cope with the burdens of immortality. If you can’t die, she says, at least you can be as stoned as the living dead.

So begins The Blue Kind, a dystopian drug fantasy that unfolds in the apocalyptic debris of an all but unrecognizable American city. In the wake of Drug War II, all the soldiers have become dealers and all the women have become collateral for the intoxicants they both peddle and pop like Skittles. But a powerful new drug is rumored to top them all, one that will fix everything wrong with Alison’s life, but one that is cooked and sold by her fiercest adversary: a dealer who threatens to destroy her entire world. Brimming with indelible characters, a rich and labyrinthine plot, and an unforgettable ending, The Blue Kind is a ride as wild as they come: a freewheeling read about the cycle of addiction that is, itself, addictive.

Born and raised in Chicago, Kathryn Born is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. She founded Chicago Art Magazine in 2009, along with other online publications about technology and film. She is the coeditor of The Essential New Art Examiner, which was also published by Northern Illinois University Press in 2011. Clean and sober, she lives with her husband and two children, and is beginning work on a follow-up novel, which she hopes to complete in less than twenty years.

ISBN 978-0-87580-682-2
$14.95t, Nov 2012, Paper
5x8, 190 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-682-2
Paper $14.95