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Tagalog Verb Dictionary

Michael  Hawkins Rhodalyne  Gallo-Crail

This handy English-Tagalog / Tagalog-English verb guide is designed to address and facilitate the most important aspect of Tagalog language learning—understanding and mastering the complex focal orientation of verbs. It is organized to illustrate the primary conjugations that establish aspect and actor/object focus for each verb with helpful sample sentences that demonstrate their usage. Tagalog Verb Dictionary also provides a short history of Tagalog, an explanation of verbal function in the language, and learners’ tips intended to ease and expedite the learning process. It is an ideal companion for students, travelers, and anyone interested in fast fluency in Tagalog.

(2011) 170 pages
$19.00s paper

Michael Hawkins is Assistant Professor of Asian History at Creighton University.

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-652-5