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Big City Boss in Depression and War

Mayor Edward J. Kelly of Chicago

Roger Biles

The first full-length biography of Edward J. Kelly tells the vivid story of the rough-hewn politician who became one of Chicago's most powerful mayors. With the help of Pat Nash, Mayor Kelly built the Democratic Machine of which Richard J. Daley was to be a chief beneficiary. An enterprising political strategist, Kelly amassed a concentration of political power by drawing traditionally Republican black voters into the Democratic fold, allying the Machine with New Deal policies, and tapping the resources of organized crime.

(1984) 228 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-098-1
cloth $27.50

Table of Contents

1 From Axman to City Hall
2 "Out of the Red, Into the Black"
3 Hegemony Denied
4 Kelly, Roosevelt, and the New Deal
5 "Big Red" in Bronzeville
6 An Imperfect World
7 War and Politics
8 End of an Era
9 "You've Gotta Be a Boss!"

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-098-1
cloth $27.50