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Between the Swastika and the Cross of Lorraine

Fascisms in Interwar Alsace

Samuel Huston Goodfellow

"Goodfellow's book—much more than a history of Fascism—provides us with a fascinating insight into the way in which Alsatian parties were split by nationalism, regionalism, and autonomism, and by the linguistic, religious, and social conflicts of interwar Alsace."—French History

"An important case study in the existence and complexities of French fascism."—American Historical Review

"A valuable, fresh, and original contribution to the literature."—William D. Irvine, York University

Through the unique window of Alsace during the 1920s and 1930s, Goodfellow reveals the many faces of fascism and demonstrates its flexibility and coherence as an ideology. His study of this region, where the interplay of French, German, and Alsatian nationalities allowed a variety of fascisms to flourish, proves a famework for understanding how this ideology has mutated over time to fit changing contexts.

Looking at various groups, Goodfellow shows how fascism varied according to its social support. Different fascisms catered to distinct social constituents: there were elitist, peasant, lower middle-class, regionalist, and mass fascist parties, each with a sociologically appropriate ideological variant. Examining these variants and the people who embraced them, Goodfellow redefines fascism as simultaneously divided against itself and tremendously fluid.

Based on extensive archival sources, police reports, and the contemporary Alsatian press, this study engages the continuing debate on the origins and appeal of fascism. Between the Swastika and the Cross of Lorraine will appeal to those interested in French and German history and the nature of fascism and its evolutions in the twentieth century.

(1998) 238 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-238-1
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Table of Contents

Part 1. The First Generation of Fascism: The 1920s
1. The Alsatian Malaise and the Autonomist Movement
2. Legitimizing Nazism
3. The First Generation of French Fascism
Part 2. The Second Generation of Fascism: The 1930s
4. Beefsteak Nazis?
5. Regional Fascism
6. The Alsatian Nazis
7. The New French Fascists, 1934–1939
8. Mass Fascism
9. The War and Beyond

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-238-1
cloth $40.00