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Gender and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Russian Culture

Edited by Helena Goscilo and Andrea Lanoux

"This excellent collection offers one of the first sustained discussions of the fertile intersection of gender and nation ... essential for any student of 20th-century Russian cultural history."—Michael Gorham, author of Speaking in Soviet Tongues

"Valuable ... All ten essays in the collection represent impressive and original scholarship, and there are some exceptionally interesting and well written contributions."—Canadian Slavonic Papers

"An important, well-organized, and focused collection of essays that explores the complex relationship of gender and national identity in Russia."—The Russian Review

Combining concepts and methodologies from anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, music, cultural studies, and film studies, this collection of ten original essays addresses issues crucial to gender and national identity in Russia from the October Revolution of 1917 to the present. Prefaced by an introduction on Russian cultural myths grounded in gender difference, the essays shed new light on such topics as national, cultural, and gender identity in the Russian language; typecasting of women revolutionaries; soviet masculinity in Stalin-era film; and prostitution during and after perestroika.

Collectively, these interdisciplinary essays explore how traditional gender inequities influenced the social processes of nation building in Russia and how men and women responded to those developments. Gender and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Russian Culture offers fresh insights to students and scholars in the fields of gender studies, nationhood studies, and Russian history, literature, and culture.

(2006) 267 pp., 20 illus.
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Helena Goscilo is UCIS Research Professor and Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh.

Andrea Lanoux is Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic Studies at Connecticut College.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Lost in the Myths
Helena Goscilo and Andrea Lanoux
Chapter 1: National, Cultural, and Gender Identity in the Russian Language
Valentina Zaitseva
Chapter 2: Widowhood as Genre and Profession à la Russe: Nation, Shadow, Curator, and Publicity Agent
Helena Goscilo
Chapter 3: Mothers of Communists: Women Revolutionaries and the Construction of a Soviet Identity
Elizabeth Jones Hemenway
Chapter 4: Forging Soviet Masculinity in Nikolai Ekk's The Road to Life
Lilya Kaganovsky
Chapter 5: Reflecting Individual and Collective Identities: Songs of World War II
Suzanne Ament
Chapter 6: The Post-Utopian Body Politic: Masculinity and the Crisis of National Identity in Brezhnev-Era TV Miniseries
Elena Prokhorova
Chapter 7: From "Demographic Crisis" to "Dying Nation": The Politics of Language and Reproduction in Russia
Michele Rivkin-Fish
Chapter 8: Selling Russia: Prostitution, Masculinity, and Metaphors of Nationalism after Perestroika
Eliot Borenstein
Chapter 9: Castrated Patriarchy, Violence, and Gender Hierarchies in Post-Soviet Film
Yana Hashamova
Chapter 10: Raising a Pink Flag: The Reconstruction of Russian Gay Identity in the Shadow of Russian Nationalism
Luc Beaudoin

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-354-8
cloth $38.00
ISBN: 978-0-87580-609-9
paper $22.50