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Learning to Read and Spell

The Child's Knowledge of Words

Edmund H. Henderson

"A scholarly, sound, and most interesting teatment of children's learning in the early stages of reading and writing ... a real contribution to the early reading/writing and child development fields."—Carol Chomsky, Harvard University

An important study on word cognition, Learning to Read and Spell describes what children know about words as their experience with written language broadens. It demonstrates how children advance from a concrete to a conceptual grasp of word forms in text and argues that these cognitive stages delimit both standards of correctness and avenues of study.

Henderson applies the findings of ten years of research to specific problems of reading instruction, including learning disabilities. Background material includes a survey of the history of reading instruction and the evolution of English orthography.

Learning to Read and Spell is an imminently readable resource for resesarchers, students, and classroom teachers.

(1981) 175 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-526-9
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Sharing Educational Research
Some Thoughts on the Reading Process
In Search of Method
Chapter 2: Reading and Spelling Instruction in Perspective
Reading Methodologies
Spelling Instruction
Chapter 3: Background and Beginnings
The Cognitive Revolution
Is English Spelling Regular?
An Early Study of Word Knowledge
Invented Spellings and Phonological Theory
Chapter 4: The Virginia Studies of Word Knowledge
An Exploratory Study
The Vowels A, E, and I
Decentration and Word Knowledge
Higher Order Phonological Knowledge
Classroom Influences and the Effects of Dialect
Stages of Word Knowledge
Chapter 5: The Advent of Reading and Writing
Understand Reading
Readiness for Learning to Read
The Beginning Reader
Sustaining Instruction
Chapter 6: Teaching Children Who Can Read
Early Reading Instruction
Toward Maturity in Reading
Long Vowel Patterns
Derivations and Classic Roots
Chapter 7: Reading Disability
What is Dyslexia?
The Learning Disability Issue
Diagnosis of Reading Disabilities
Common Syndromes of Primary Reading Disability
Common Syndromes of Secondary Reading Disability
Diagnosis of Word Knowledge

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-526-9
paper $18.00