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Imperial Russia, 17001917

State, Society, Opposition

Edited by Ezra Mendelsohn and Marshall S. Shatz

This collection of essays brings together important insights from some of the most distinguished scholars of Russian history. In honoring the life and the academic career of Marc Raeff, it is appropriate that the essays are not confined to one particular period or theme of imperial Russian history. Dealing with problems that evolved during more than two centuries, the volume instead is divided into three broad sections that focus on government, society, and the currents of opposition to the imperial order.

Hans J. Torke, James Cracraft, Allen McConnell, Richard Wortman, and Richard G. Robbins, Jr., discuss the way in which Imperial Russia was ruled. Gregory L. Freeze, Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter, Samuel C. Ramer, and Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak analyze various aspects of society, looking closely at the church, the army, feldshers, and women. John Keep, Judith E. Zimmerman, Marshall S. Shatz, Jonathan Frankel, Abraham Ascher, and Paul Avrich offer insights into the rising wave of dissent and opposition to the imperial order. Included also is a bibliography of Marc Raeff's works by Edward Kasinee with Molly Molloy and Elliot S. Isaac.

(1988) 330 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-143-8
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Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction
Ezra Mendelson On Marc Raeff: A Memoir
Hans J. Torke Crime and Punishment in the Pre-Petrine Civil Servivce: The Problem of Control
James Cracraft Opposition to Peter the Great
Allen McConnell Catherine the Great and the Fine Arts
Richard Wortman Images of Rule and Problems of Gender in the Upbringing of Paul I and Alexander I
Richard G. Robbins, Jr. His Excellency the Governor: The Style of Russian Provincial Governance at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter The Ideal of Paternalism in the Prereform Army
Gregory L. Freeze A Social Mission for Russian Orthodoxy: The Kazan Requiem of 1861 for the Peasants in Bezdna
Samuel C. Ramer The Transformation of the Russian Feldsher, 18641914
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak Women in Kiev and Kharkiv: Community Organizations in the Russian Empire
John Keep The Sungurov Affair, 1831: A Curious Conspiracy
Judith E. Zimmerman Herzen, Herwegh, Marx
Marshall S. Shatz Michael Bakunin and His Biographers: The Question of Bakunin's Sexual Impotence
Jonathan Frankel The Roots of "Jewish Socialism" (18811892): From "Populism" to "Cosmopolitanism"?
Abraham Ascher German Socialists and the Russian Revolution of 1905
Paul Avrich V. M. Eikhenbaum (Volin): Portrait of a Russian Anarchist
Edward Kasinec with Molly Molloy and Elliot S. Isaac Marc Raeff: A Bibliography (194687)

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-143-8
cloth $42.00