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Midwest at Noon

Graham Hutton

"The best book ever written about the Middle West."—Bernard De Voto, Herald Tribute (1946)

"Fascinating study of the region.... [Hutton] has caught the spirit of the place, the mornings and the midnights, the majestic vastness of the snowfields and the glory of the Midwest autumns..."—Eric Sevareid, The Saturday Review (1946)

"Shrewd and clever observations ... brilliant writing."—R. Carlyle Buley, Indiana Magazine of History (1947)

First published in 1946, Midwest at Noon is the testament of a prominent British economist and writer who came to regard the Midwest as the best and most promising region of America. Today the book offers a historical account of midwestern social and economic development in the early twentieth century and serves as a compelling and timeless commentary on the people, places, and culture of America's heartland.

(1990) 373 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-550-4
paper $18.00

Table of Contents

Introduction: James H. Madison
I. "A Country of Extremes"
II. "Frontier Influence"
III. "Unconsidered Earth"
IV."The Cities Rise"
V. Folk and Ways
VI. The Cult of the Average
VII. Ideas, Incorporated
VIII. "We, the People"
IX. Afternoon

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-550-4
paper $18.00