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Mark Twain at the Buffalo Express

Articles and Sketches by America's Favorite Humorist

Mark Twain

Edited by Joseph P. McCullough and Janice McIntire-Strasburg

"I am not going to introduce any startling reforms, or in any way attempt to make trouble. I am simply going to do my plain, unpretending duty, when I cannot get out of it.... I shall always confine myself strictly to the truth, except when it is attended with inconvenience."—from Mark Twain's "Salutatory," Buffalo Express, August 21, 1869

In August 1869 Mark Twain acquired part ownership of the Buffalo Express. During the following eighteen months, he wrote some of his best short pieces, humorous sketches, rants, and commentaries. Mark Twain at the "Buffalo Express" collects these complete and unabridged writings for the first time.

Twain's writings for the Buffalo Express crackle with his trademark energy, wit, and insight, illuminating his literary and intellectual journey during a seldom-studied period in his life. From these articles Twain cultivated themes and characters that later appeared in his best-known works. Everyone who loves Mark Twain will love Mark Twain at the "Buffalo Express."

(1999) 320 pages, illus.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-585-6
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Table of Contents

Part I: Settling In to Editorial Duties, August 1869–October 1869
Part II: Lighting Out for the Lecture Circuit, October 1869–January 1870
Part III: Back to Buffalo, February 1870–May 1870
Part IV: Personal Troubles and Rumors of War, May 1870–October 1870
Part V: The Last Days of Journalism, October 1870–January 1871

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-585-6
paper $20.00