Northern Illinois University Press

Death Rituals and Life in the Societies of the Kula Ring

Edited by Frederick H. Damon and Roy Wagner

"Adds substantially to the ethnography of Melanesian mortuary ritual.... The cumulative result is a forceful demonstration of how mortuary ritual can organize and channel the flow of Melanesian social life."Pacific Affairs

(1989) 288 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-546-7
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Introduction: Frederick H. Damon
Part I: The Northern Massim
To Eat for the Dead: Kaduwagan Mortuary Events: Susan P. Montague
A Vakutan Mortuary Cycle: Shirley Campbell
The Muyuw Lo'un and the End of Marriage: Frederick H. Damon
Death and Kinship in Molima: Ann Chowning
Part II: The Southern Massim
The Triumph of the Susu: Mortuary Exchanges on Tubetube: Martha Macintyre
Death and Matrilineal Reincorporation on Normanby Island: Carl Thune
"Eating the Dead": MortuaryTransactions in Bwaidoka, Goodenough Island: Michael W. Young
Death and Exchange: Mortuary Ritual on Vanatinai (Sudest Island): Maria Lepowsky
The Day of Reckoning on Rossel Island: John Liep
Conclusion: The Exchange of Context of the Kula: Roy Wagner

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-546-7
paper $18.50