Northern Illinois University Press

The Toy and the Twister

By Gillian King-Cargile

Illustrations by Kevin Krull

“This whimsical story about something most kids fear provides an important opportunity for children and parents to discuss and prepare for weather hazards.” —Walker Ashley, Northern Illinois University

“The characters are adorable and the story is creative. I see this book being useful for elementary schools and STEM education.” —Evelyn Lorence, Sycamore Public Library

The Toy and the Twister is a deliberately crafted educational tool that parents can use to help their children understand how to prepare for hazardous weather and what to do when caught in a dangerous storm. Highly recommended.” —The Midwest Book Review

In Book One of the Stuffed Bunny Science Adventure Series, a fluff-brained bunny named Bear gets left outside during a storm. The only thing that can save him is science . . . and a sassy doll named Sadie Scientist. Together, the toys get sucked into a tornado. Sadie helps Bear understand extreme weather and storm safety, but when they begin to fall, Bear has to think quickly to save his new friend. This fun, fast-paced adventure will entertain young readers while introducing them to weather and climate concepts. After the adventure, read an interview with a real-life meteorologist!

About the Stuffed Bunny Science Adventure Series
NIU Press is pleased to work with the P-20 Center at Northern Illinois University to publish a series of STEM-based storybooks for young readers. The P-20 Center collaborates with university and community partners to promote innovation in teaching and learning, and foster educational success for all ages.

The Stuffed Bunny Science Adventure Series for young readers is an extension of STEM Read, a P-20 program that helps readers explore the science, technology, engineering, and math concepts behind popular fiction.

This series shares the adventures of a fluff-brained bunny named Bear and his favorite boy, Jack. In each story, Bear meets other toys who teach him about the world around him. The books explore the importance of working together and making friends. They also incorporate STEM concepts aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Learn more about the Stuffed Bunny Science Adventure Series and find resources, videos, and games at

Gillian King-Cargile is director of Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read program (, which introduces young readers to the science, technology, engineering, and math concepts behind popular fiction. She holds a BA in film production and an MFA in creative writing from Southern Illinois University, and lives with her husband and daughter in DeKalb, Illinois.

Kevin Krull holds a BFA in illustration from Northern Illinois University. His illustrations have appeared in Creative Quarterly and have been shown in the Chicago area. He loved to color when he was a kid, and obviously he never quite grew up—he lives in Westmont, Illinois, where he continues to draw and color all day long.

36 pp., 8.5x11
ISBN: 978-0-87580-496-5
$18.99t Cloth

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-496-5
cloth $18.99