Northern Illinois University Press

Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners

Nguyen Long, Marybeth Clark Nguyen Bich Thuan

This textbook is designed for English-speaking students wishing to acquire a basic working ability in conversational Vietnamese. The twenty lessons in this volume are centered around short conversations based on common topics—introductions, friends and family members, work—as well as other everyday situations. Each set of conversations builds on previously studied material and introduces new sentence structures.

Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners also contains exercise sections that allow students to practice new and old vocabulary. Every fifth lesson in the book reviews previously covered material with written exercises, narrative readings, and suggested conversations so students can practice the Vietnamese they have learned. Self-tests are also included so students can individually review their understanding of the language.

The conversations and exercises in this textbook will be made available online as audio files. The book and accompanying audio—an integral component to Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners—can be used either with a teacher or for self-study. Language professors and their students—or those learning Vietnamese on their own—will appreciate the accessible approach and manageable size of this very practical textbook.

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-656-3
414 pages