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The Machiavellian Enterprise

A Commentary on The Prince

Leo Paul de Alvarez

“A thorough analysis. De Alvarez provides extraordinary guidance in explaining the intricate unity of the work.”—Perspectives on Political Science

"A magnificent study of Machiavelli's The Prince."—Vickie Sullivan, author of Machiavelli's Three Romes

De Alvarez discovers a neglected argument in Machiavelli's masterpiece that encompasses much more than the education of a prince for the salvation of Italy. Building on a wealth of insight, he shows how Machiavelli, the "first political philosopher to turn to the many instead of the few as the basis of rule," sought to replace the domination of the Christian Rome with a civil, secular, and egalitarian state.

(1999) 154 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-996-0
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Table of Contents

Part I: Of Principates
Part II: Of Arms
Part III: Of the Qualities of The Prince
Part IV: Of the Prudence of The Prince

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-996-0
paper $19.00