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Seeking God

The Recovery of Religious Identity in Orthodox Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia

Edited by Stephen K. Batalden

"An altogether penetrating, illuminating work of uniformly first-rate scholarship."Slavic Review

"A most valuable and timely volume.... Excellently researched."Choice

Seeking God documents the revival of Orthodox religious culture in former Soviet lands. Focusing on historical and literary sources of religious identity, twelve international scholars address the religious roots of popular culture and modern nationalism in Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. The opening of churches, the rise of religious charity, the renewal of monasticism, and the printing of mass editions of Holy Scripture all point to the revitalization of religious life that has paralleled the demise of communism. The volume provides historical context for this change, tracing the roots of the new religious consciousness to living traditions that antedate by centuries the period of Soviet rule.

(1993) 309 pp.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Stephen K. Batalden
The Life and Work of Father Aleksandr Men': Michael A. Meerson
Part One: Popular Religious Culture and Orthodox Identity
Dvoeverie and Popular Religion: Eve Levin
The Wages of Sin: The Decline of Public Penance in Imperial Russia: Gregory L. Freeze
Popular Piety, Local Initiative, and the Founding of Women's Religious Communities in Russia, 1764-1907: Brenda Meehan
The Schism and Cultural Conflict in the Seventeenth Century: Boris A. Uspensky
Interpreting the Fate of Old Believer Communities in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Robert O. Crummey
An Architecture of Change: Old Believer Liturgical Spaces in Late Imperial Russia: Roy R. Robson
Part Two: Confessional and National Identity in the Orthodox World
The Third Rebirth of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and the Religious Situation in Ukraine, 1989-1991: Frank E. Sysyn
Reflections on the Current State of the Georgian Church and Nation: Fairy Von Lilienfeld
The Contemporary Politics of the Russian Bible: Religious Publication in a Period of Glasnost: Stephen K. Batalden
Part Three: Sources for Study of Religious Identity in the Orthodox East
Orthodox Pilgrimage and Russian Landholding in Jerusalem: The British Colonial Record: Stephen K. Batalden and Michael D. Palma
Using Vatican Archives in the Study of Eastern Christianity: Charles Frazee
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ISBN: 978-0-87580-178-0
cloth $38.50