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Religion and Culture in Early Modern Russia and Ukraine

Edited by Samuel H. Baron and Nancy Shields Kollmann

"An exciting and highly stimulating examination of religious culture that is essential reading for everyone interested in Russian history."—Journal of Early Modern History

"Innovative, critical, and significant for the historiography of pre-Petrine culture."—Marc Raeff

Focusing on the lived experience of individuals in Russia and Ukraine, twelve essays explore continuity and change comparatively and in the context of larger interpretative issues, such as popular culture, mentality, and religiosity.

(1997) 221 pp.
ISBN: 0-87580-218-3
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Religion and Cultural Studies in Russia, Then and Now: Samuel H. Baron and Nancy Shields Kollmann
Part 1: Society and Cultural Practice
"Backwardness" in Russian Peasant Culture: A Theoretical Consideration of Agricultural Practices in the Seventeenth Century: Janet Martin
Concepts of Society and Social Identity in Early Modern Russia: Nancy Shields Kollmann
Ukrainian Social Tensions before the Khmel'nyts'kyi Uprising: Frank E. Sysyn
Part 2: Religion and Belief
Court and Ceremony in an Age of Reform: Patriarch Nikon and the Palm Sunday Ritual: Michael S. Flier
Supplicatory Prayers as a Source for Popular Religious Culture in Muscovite Russia: Eve Levin
Muscovite Miracle Stories as Sources for Gender-Specific Religious Experience: Isolde Thyrêt
The Miracle of Martyrdom: Reflections on Early Old Believer Hagiography: Robert O. Crummey
Part 3: Image, Identity, and Mentalité
Misrepresentations, Misunderstandings, and Silences: Problems of Seventeenth-Century Ruthenian and Muscovite Cultural History: David A. Frick
Simon Ushakov—"Historicism" and "Byzantinism": On the Interpretation of Russian Painting from the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century: Engelina S. Smirnova
Religious Reform and the Emergence of the Individual in Russian Seventeenth-Century Literature: Victor M. Zhivov
Afterword, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Edward L. Keenan

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ISBN: 0-87580-218-3
cloth $38.50