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Educating the Faithful

Religion, Schooling, and Society in Nineteenth-Century France

Sarah A. Curtis

"An exemplary work of historical scholarship."History of Education Quarterly

"Original and important.... Educating the Faithful has provided an enormous service to historians of modern France."Journal of Modern History

"Highly informative and well-written."TLS

Focusing on Catholic primary schooling in France from 1830 through World War I, Curtis shows how religious education played a key role in transforming France into a modern nation. She finds persuasive evidence that the French Catholic teaching orders created the culture needed for the development of a modern educational system.

Curtis focuses her extensive research on the province of Lyon, though many of her findings can be applied more generally. Her argument that decisions about schooling were driven by pragmatic as well as ideological considerations, for example, is a model for further investigation. Educating the Faithful is the first major study in English of religious education in modern France.

(2000) 267 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-262-6
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Table of Contents

1. School Provision before the Third Republic: Piety and Philanthropy
2. The Supply of Teachers
3. Esprit de Corps: Corporate Identity and Community Spirit
4. A Catholic Pedagogy
5. The Crisis of the Third Republic
6. Building a Catholic School System
7. Lay Habits: Persecution and Resistance, 19011904

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-262-6
cloth $42.00