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The American Revolution

Explorations in the History of American Radicalism

Edited by Alfred F. Young

"The most important book on the Revolution yet produced by the historians of the New Left.... It would be impossible to do justice to the range of interpretive insights offered in this book."—New York Review of Books

"Extraordinary and challenging."—American Historical Review

The eleven original essays presented here serve to enlarge the canvas upon which American history is to be portrayed so that it will allow—or more deliberately, give more prominence to—those groups at the bottom of colonial society to gain more equitable visibility. The effect is a striking view of the Revolution that provides not only a much-needed perspective on the role of minority groups in an era of social upheaval but also presents a panorama of such complexity and vitality that American history itself becomes more meaningful and more exciting than anything we have heretofore imagined.

(1976) 497 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-519-1
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Table of Contents

Foreword: Alfred F. Young
Part 1. Common Folk and Gentle Folk
Social Change and the Growth of Prerevolutionary Urban Radicalism: Gary B. Nash
"Out of the Bounds of the Law": Northern Land Rioters in the Eighteenth Century: Edward Countryman
The North Carolina Regulation, 1766–1776: A Class Conflict: Marvin L. Michael Kay
Preachers and Patriots: Popular Culture and the Revolution in Virginia: Rhys Isaac
Part 2. Patriots and Radicals
"Ideology" and an Economic Interpretation of the Revolution: Joseph Ernst
Tom Paine's Republic: Radical Ideology and Social Change: Eric Foner
Boston Leaders and Boston Crowds, 1765–1776: Dirk Hoerder
The "Disaffected" in the Revolutionary South: Ronald Hoffman
Part 3. Outsiders
The Indians' Revolution: Francis Jennings
The Revolution in Black Life: Ira Berlin
The Illusion of Change: Women and the American Revolution: Joan Hoff Wilson
Afterword: Alfred F. Young

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-519-1
paper $21.00