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Acoustical Aspects of Woodwind Instruments, Revised Edition

C. J. Nederveen

"Certainly a classic ... one of the few books that undertakes a detailed mathematical study of this subject."
—Neville Fletcher, The Australian National University

"A valuable addition to the literature of musical acoustics."—Thomas Rossing, Northern Illinois University

This classic study, now revised and updated, shows how scientific calculations can be used to improve the understanding, design, and tuning of woodwind instruments. A powerful tool for correcting tuning errors in existing instruments and for creating new designs, Nederveen's work has long been a standard in the field of acoustics.

In an extended new chapter, Nederveen analyzes and interprets recent developmeents in research on the acoustics of woodwind instruments. This revised edition, which also contains a new list of symbols and a new subject index, is a necessity for scholars, teachers, and practitioners of music, physics, acoustics, and woodwind design.

(1998) 160 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-577-1
paper $33.00

Table of Contents

1. The Excitation Mechanism of Woodwinds
2. Holes and Bore Perturbations
3. Addendum: Developments since 1969
Reference to Addendum
List of Symbols

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-577-1
paper $33.00