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Extra-Terrestrial Matter

Edited by Charles A. Randall, Jr.

(1969) 351 pp., 200 illus.
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Table of Contents

Meteorites and Tektites: George W. Reed Jr., Chairman
Composition of Stony Meteorites: Brian Mason
Origin of Organic Matter in Meteorites: Martin Studier
Origin of Tektites: John A. O'Keefe
Lunar Science: Milford S. Lougheed, Chairman
The Lunar Regolith: Eugene Shoemaker
Chemical Analysis of the Lunar Surface: James H. Patterson
Luminescence and Chemical Effects of Solar Protons Incident Upon the Lunar Surface: Edward Zeller
Cosmic Rays: Glenn H. Brown, Chairman
The Chemical Composition of Galactic and Solar Cosmic Rays: Frank B. McDonald
Cosmic Rays and Atmospheric Neutrons: Jacob Kastner, Chairman
The Electron Component of Cosmic Rays: Peter Meyer
Cosmic Ray Neutron Studies: Serge Korff
Neutron Exposure in Supersonic Transport: Roger Wallace
Effect of Soil and Water on Cosmic Ray Neutrons: Jacob Kastner
Cosmic Ray Neutrons and Carbon-14 Production: Raymond Gold
Comets and Dust: Wayne J. McIlrath, Chairman
Interstellar Dust: Adolf N. Witt
Cometary Nuclei: Armand Delsemme
Conference Summary
Panel Discussion:
John A. O'Keefe, Chairman
James H. Patterson
Charles A. Randall
Edward Zeller
Biographical Sketches of Authors

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-009-7
cloth $33.00