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Postmodern Times

A Critical Guide to the Contemporary

Edited by Thomas Carmichael and Alison Lee

"Offering intelligent and insightful essays ... this title will serve graduate students through faculty."—Choice

"Lucid and engaging ... provides new and surprising insights on the postmodern condition."—Judith Roof, Indiana University

These fifteen essays engage topics from architecture to politics and fast food to film, revealing the problems and potential of postmodern cultural criticism.

Contributors include such preeminent scholars and critics as Linda Hutcheon on opera, Henry Giroux on education, and Charles Jencks on architecture, among others. Postmodern Times is a valuable guide for those interested in art, politics, literature, popular culture, and the new media.

(2000) 272 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-251-6
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Table of Contents

Postmodern Life, or What You See Is What You Get Thomas Carmichael and Alison Lee
Part I: Postmodern Subjects
Psychoanalysis and the Postmodern Subject: The Question of a Metapsychology Michael Zeitlin
Lost in the Post?: Feminism's Divided Relationship to Postmodernity Diane Elam
Part II: Postmodern Politics and Culture
Just Events Thomas Docherty
Postmodern Education in the Age of Border Youth Henry A. Giroux
Part III: Postmodern Art and Technoculture
Transaesthetics Margot Lovejoy
Hyperaesthetics: Theorizing in Real-Time about Digital Cultures Peter Lunenfeld
If Only Mother Nature Could Sue Wordsworth for Copyright Infringement Wendy Griesdorf
Part IV: Post-Modern Architecture
Postmodern Architecture and Time Fusion Charles Jencks
Part V: Postmodern Media and Performance
"Old Tools," not "New Noise": Opera's Postmodern Moment Linda Hutcheon
Channel Surfing: Postmodernism on Television Glenn Hendler
Part VI: Postmodern Literature
Difficult Times: Manifesto for a Postmodern Literary History Bill Readings
To the Beat of a Different Conundrum: Postmodern Science and Literature Susan Strehle
Part VII: Postmodern Cuisine
The Cilantro Cannot Hold: Postmodern Cuisine Beyond the Golden Arches Paul Budra
Postmodernism: A Whole Full of Holes Charles Jencks with Alison Lee

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-251-6
cloth $40.00