Northern Illinois University Press

An Illinois Reader

Edited by Clyde C. Walton

An Illinois Reader is an anthology describing Illinois from the beginning of its recorded history to the present.

Contributors: Allen Nevins, James Alton James; John H. Hauberg; Theodore Calvin Pease; Nelson Vance Russell; Ray A. Billington; John W. Allen; Benjamin P. Thomas; Grant Foreman; George R. Gayler; Paul W. Gates; Mrs. John M. Palmer; William H. Smith; Clinton L. Conkling; Donald Donald; Francis X. Busch; Harvey Wish; Jane Addams; Mary E. McDowell; David R. Wrone; Grace Wilbur Trout; Richard L. Beyer; Walter Trohan

(1970) 485 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-516-0
paper $27.50

Table of Contents

Introduction: Not Without Thy Wondrous Story, Illinois, Allan Nevins
Part I. Outpost of a New Nation, 1779–1780
Illinois and the Revolution in the West, 1779–1780
Hard Times in Illinois in 1780
1780—The Revolution at Crisis in the West
The French and British at Play in the Old Northwest, 1760–1796
Part II. The Frontier State, 1820–1845
The Frontier in Illinois History
Slavery and Negro Servitude in Pope County, Illinois
Lincoln and New Salem
English Settlers in Illinois
The Mormons and Politics in Illinois: 1839–1844
Frontier Landlords and Pioneer Tenants
Part III. The Age of Lincoln and Douglas, 1848–1865
Remembrances of Two Springfield Weddings of the Olden Time
Old-Time Campaigning and the Story of a Lincoln Campaign Song
How Mr. Lincoln Received the News of His First Nomination
The Folklore Lincoln
Stephen A. Douglas: His Weaknesses and His Greatness
Part IV. The Maturing State, 1886–1903
The Haymarket Riot and the Trial of the Anarchists
Governor Altgeld Pardons the Anarchists
Social Settlements in Illinois
A Quarter of a Century in the Stockyards District
The Pullman Strike: A Study in Industrial Warfare
Part V. In Recent Times, 1910–1959
Illinois Pulls Out of the Mud
Side Lights on Illinois Suffrage History
Hell and High Water
My Life with the Colonel

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-516-0
paper $27.50