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Years of Struggle

The Farm Diary of Elmer G. Powers

Edited by H. Roger Grant and L. Edward Purcell

Introduction by Katherine Jellison

"An extraordinary piece of Americana."—Gilbert C. Fite, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

"This diary of an ordinary farmer ... is the next best thing to personal experience in creating a 'feel' for the period."—Lauren Soth, Agricultural History

"The value of this book—and it is considerable—rests on its uniqueness."—Roy V. Scott, History

Elmer G. Powers and his family managed to survive the Depression, in part because Quietdale Farm is located on rich land in Boone County, Iowa. The problems he confronted—collapsing markets, drought, and sometimes misdirected governmental efforts—were felt by countless others, many of whom lost their farms. First published in 1976 and now revised and reissued with a new introduction by Katherine Jellison, Years of Struggle documents one farmer's experiences during a period of national upheaval.

(1995) 240 pp., 16 illus.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-569-6
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Katherine Jellison / Introduction: H. Roger Grant and L. Edward Purcell
1 Day by Day on the Farm: 1931–1932
2 Coming of the New Deal: 1933–1934
3 Owner-Operator: 1935
4 Drifts, Debts, and Drought: 1936

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-569-6
paper $16.50