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The Troubled Farmer

Rural Adjustment to Industrialism, 1850-1900

Earl W. Hayter

(1968) 359 pp.
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction: The Rural Mind in Transition
Part One: Livestock Controversies
II. "The Horns Must Go"
III. From Folkways to Science in Livestock Medicine
IV. The Bogus Butter Controversy: Cows versus Hogs
Part Two: Enclosure Irritations
V. From Rails to Barbed Wire
VI. "No Trespassing"
VII. Sheep versus Dogs
Part Three: Credulous Farmers
VIII. Tramps, Scamps, and Swindlers in Arcadia
IX. Horticultural Humbugs
X. Seed Peddlers
XI. "Lightning Rod Man"
Part Four: Patent Conflicts
XII. The Patent Problem
XIII. Barbed Wire Battles in Iowa
XIV. Victory and Defeat in the Patent Wars
Selected Bibliography

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-515-3
paper $16.50