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The Science of the Singing Voice

Johan Sundberg

"One of the most exciting books on the singing voice to have appeared in this century.... Highly recommended as a unique contribution to voice science."—Choice

"Such an advance, scientifically ... that no serious student of the singing voice and vocal pedagogue should be without it."—ASHA

Althought there are numerous books dealing with the science and acoustics of speech, there are relatively few that deal with the singing voice as distinct from the speaking voice. Now, Johan Sundberg's The Science of the Singing Voice—illustrated with over a hundred instructive and significant diagrams and drawings—thoroughly describes the structure and functions of the vocal organs in singing, from the aerodynamics of respiration through the dynamics of articulation.

(1987) 226 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-542-9
paper $35.50

Table of Contents

1. What Is Voice?
2. The Voice Organ
3. Breathing
4. The Voice Source
5. Articulation
6. Choral Voice
7. Speech, Song, and Emotions
8. A Rhapsody on Perception
9. Voice Disorders

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-542-9
paper $35.50