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Rome Is Love Spelled Backward

Enjoying Art and Architecture in the Eternal City

Judith Testa

"This unusual and worthy guidebook ... covers the city's art and architecture with insight, sensitivity, and scholarly perspective rarely found in travel manuals."—Publishers Weekly

"With a text both scholarly and entertaining, Testa has produced a guide useful for the serious student and passionate sightseer.... The text is characterized by both lucidity and a sincere love of the subject matter, and this makes the book a pleasure to read and also a wonderful guide for travelers to Rome."—Choice

"The touch is light and the enthusiasm infectious.... An informative book for lovers of Rome and its art that armchair travelers will also enjoy."—William L. MacDonald, author of The Art and Architecture of the Roman Empire

A celebration of the art, architecture, and timeless human passion of the Eternal City, Rome Is Love Spelled Backward explores Rome's best-known treasures, often revealing secrets overlooked in conventional guidebooks. With the ancient play on "Roma" and "Amor"—ROMAMOR—Testa invites readers to experience the world's long love affair with one of its most beautiful cities.

(1998) 301 pp., 54 illus.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-576-4
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Ancient Rome
1 The Roman Forum
2 The Ara Pacis Augustae
3 The Colosseum
4 When Rome Ruled the World
5 The Pantheon
6 Castel Sant' Angelo
7 The Baths of Caracalla and of Diocletian
8 The Walls of Mighty Rome
9 Rome's Indispensable Aqueducts
Part 2: Early Christian and Medieval Rome
10 The Christian Catacombs
11 The Jewish Catacombs
12 St. John Lateran
13 S. Maria Maggiore
14 S. Prassede
15 S. Clemente
Part 3: Late Medieval and Renaissance Rome
16 S. Maria sopra Minerva
17 Pope Julius II
18 Raphael in Rome: The Vatican Frescoes
19 Raphael in Rome: The Villa Farnesina
20 Leo X and Clement VII
21 Pope Paul III and His Art Patronage
22 St. Peter's
23 The Sistine Chapel
24 Michelangelo's Last Judgment
25 The Rome of St. Ignatius Loyola
26 Pope Sixtus and His Urban Planning
Part 4: Baroque Rome
27 Caravaggio
28 Caravaggio Up Close
29 Gianlorenzo Bernini
30 Bernini at St. Peter's
31 The Architecture of Francesco Borromini
32 The Trevi Fountain
Part 5: Modern Rome
33 The Quartiere Coppedè
34 Mussolini's "Third Rome"
35 The Shrines of Rome's Modern Martyrs
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ISBN: 978-0-87580-576-4
paper $27.50