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Quest for the Absolute

The Philosophical Vision of Joseph Maréchal

Anthony M. Matteo

This first full-length study of Maréchal to appear in English provides a clear reading of the complex thought of an important twentieth-century epistemological realist. Focusing on Le Point de départ de la métaphysique, Matteo shows how Maréchal laid the groundwork for the integration of the Aristotelian-Thomistic ontological approach to knowledge and the transcendental analysis inaugurated by Kant. Examining Maréchal's work in a contemporary context, Matteo argues that it is especially relevant to current debates concerning the foundations of rationality and cognitive relativism.

(1992) 185 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-165-0
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Table of Contents

1 The Rise and Fall of the Aristotelian-Thomistic Synthesis
2 The Plight of Pre-Kantian Philosophy
3 Kant and the Post-Kantian Idealists
4 Beyond Kant: The Roots of Transcendental Thomism
5 Critique and Conclusion
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ISBN: 978-0-87580-165-0
cloth $35.50