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Nobility and Privilege in Late Imperial Russia

Seymour Becker

The transformation of the Russian nobility between 1861 and 1914 has often been attributed to the anachronistic attitudes of its members and their failure to adapt to social change. Becker challenges this idea of "the decline of the nobility." He argues that the privileged estate responded positively to change and greatly influenced their nation's political and economic destiny.

(1985) 273 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-539-9
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Table of Contents

1. "The Decline of the Nobility"
2. The Nobility and the Land: A Reappraisal
3. The Traditionalist Counterattack
4. Exercises in Futility: Attempts to Stabilize Noble Landownership
5. Sharing Noble Status: Problems of Membership
6. Changing Career and Educational Patterns
7. Further Exercises in Futility: Attempts to Restore Noble Leadership in the Countryside
8. The Birth of a Class: Noble Landowners in Revolution and After
Conclusion: Nobility, Autocracy, and Revolution

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-539-9
paper $24.00