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King of the Mountain

The Life and Death of Giuliano the Bandit

Billy Jaynes Chandler

During his brief, violent, romantic career in the 1940s, bandit chief Salvatore Giuliano entranced the common folk of Sicily, fascinated the world's journalists, and exasperated the authorities who sought to apprehend him. At last his story is told accurately and compassionately.

(1988) 274 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-140-7
cloth $30.50

Table of Contents

1 The Beginning of the Legend
2 The Struggle for Power in Giuliano's Sicily
3 Colonel Giuliano
4 Political Boss and Enterprising Kidnapper
5 Portella della Ginestra
6 The Slaying of a Mafia Boss
7 A Mother's Last Visit
8 Bellolampo!
9 Colonel Ugo Luca
10 Castelvetrano—July 5, 1950
11 Viterbo
12 The Meaning of It

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-140-7
cloth $30.50