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In War's Dark Shadow

The Russians before the Great War

W. Bruce Lincoln

"An exemplary popular history, a work which is at once erudite, readable, and persuasive.... Lincoln's work gives a multisided portrait of the Russian people at the most critical moment of their modern history."
Slavic Review

"A vivid, dramatic, and authoritative account of the societal clashes and contradictions that made the revolution of 1917 inevitable.... [Lincoln] makes history not only vivid but accessible."Chicago Tribune Bookworld

"Lincoln has written a work of huge scope and astounding erudition."Los Angeles Times

In the quarter century before World War I, change came to Russia at a dizzying pace. The industrial revolution, the building of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the disastrous Russo-Japanese War, and the Revolution of 1905 drastically reshaped the lives of both the ruling classes and ordinary people. Imperial Russia was home to more than a hundred million men and women, but by the time Vladimir Lenin announced the Bolsheviks' revolutionary victory, one in three had either perished or fled in exile.

In War's Dark Shadow explores the lives, thoughts, and hopes of the Russian people as they entered the twentieth century.

(2003) 573 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-597-9
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W. Bruce Lincoln authored twelve books about Russia and its past, most notably The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias; Red Victory: A History of the Russian Civil War; Between Heaven and Hell: The Story of a Thousand Years of Artistic Life in Russia; and Sunlight at Midnight: St. Petersburg and the Rise of Modern Russia.

Table of Contents

Chapter I. 1891: The Fateful Year
Chapter II. In the Wake of Famine
Chapter III. Russia's New Lords
Chapter IV. Life in the Lower Depths
Chapter V. The Few Who Dared
Chapter VI. Defenders of the Old Order
Chapter VII. "A Small Victorious War"
Chapter VIII. 1905: The Year of Turmoil
Chapter IX. "What We Want Is a Great Russia!"
Chapter X. "The Children of Russia's Dreadful Years"
Chapter XI. The Last Days of Peace
Chapter XII. The Drums of War
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ISBN: 978-0-87580-597-9
paper $25.50