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New Books

On the Landing
Stories by Yenta Mash
Translated by Ellen Cassedy

The Orthodox Church in Ukraine
A Century of Separation
Nicholas E. Denysenko

The Futurist Files
Avant-Garde, Politics, and Ideology in Russia, 1905—1930
Iva Glisic

The Winter Palace
Staging and Consuming Russia's Monarchy, 1754—1917
Susan P. McCaffray

On the Periphery of Europe, 1762—1825
The Self-Invention of the Russian Elite
Andreas Schönle and Andrei Zorin

Moving Up, Moving Out
The Rise of the Black Middle Class in Chicago
Will Cooley

Swedish Chicago
The Shaping of an Immigrant Community, 1880—1920
Anita Olson Gustafson

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