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Aristotle on Political Reasoning

A Commentary on the "Rhetoric"

Larry Arnhart

"An admirable account."—American Political Science Review

"The clearest, most helpful, least pedantic, and most accurate commentary on Aristotle's Rhetoric in English.... A superb monument to the revival of classical rhetoric."—Philosophy and Rhetoric

Is rhetoric some form of rational discourse about the intelligible reality of politics, or is it merely a means for verbally manipulating people through fallacious arguments and appeals to irrational impulses? To put the question more briefly, can rhetoric be distinguished from sophistry? "We weigh what we undertake and apprehend it perfectly in our minds," Pericles declared in his funeral oration, "not accounting words for a hindrance of action but that it is rather a hindrance to action to come to it without instruction of words before." —from Aristotle on Political Reasoning

(1981) 239 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87580-537-5
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Table of Contents

One: Introduction
Two: Rhetoric, Dialectic, and Sophistry
Three: Deliberative Rhetoric
Four: Epideictic Rhetoric
Five: Forensic Rhetoric
Six: The Characters and Passions of Men
Seven: Elements and Structures of Rhetorical Inference
Eight: The Style and Arrangement of Speeches
Nine: Conclusion

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ISBN: 978-0-87580-537-5
paper $15.00