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New Books

Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Suiting the Action to the Word
Edited by Regina Buccola and Peter Kanelos

From Realism to the Silver Age
New Studies in Russian Artistic Culture
Edited by Rosalind P. Blakesley and Margaret Samu

Senator Benton and the People
Master Race Democracy on the Early American Frontiers
Ken S. Mueller

To Govern the Devil in Hell
The Political Crisis in Territorial Kansas
Pearl T. Ponce

We Lived for the Body
Natural Medicine and Public Health in Imperial Germany
Avi Sharma

Assassins and Conspirators
Anarchism, Socialism, and Political Culture in Imperial Germany
Elun T. Gabriel

Zofia Nałkowska
Translated by Ursula Phillips

Gideon’s Confession
Joseph G. Peterson

Reason, Revelation,and the Civic Order
Political Philosophy and the Claims of Faith
Edited by Paul R. DeHart and Carson Holloway

Catch the Fire
Soaking Prayer and Charismatic Renewal
Michael Wilkinson and Peter F. Althouse

The Orthodox Church in the Arab World 700–1700
An Anthology of Sources
Edited by Samuel Noble and Alexander Treiger

Women and the Birth of Russian Capitalism
A History of the Shuttle Trade
Irina Mukhina


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